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SHIATSU (Japanese " finger pressure ") is part of one of the richest manual technique practiced for thousands of years in the Far East.

Shiatsu is an art that differs from a simple manual technique in that it engages the whole ( body - mind ) of the practitioner and the patient. Shiatsu is not a massage. It is a  dressed practice, organized by pressures on the whole body . These pressures remove blockages , tensions and thus release energy throughout the body . A session of shiatsu will return your full vitality .

Recumbent bike tour

We offer the rental of recumbent tricycles to allow you to discover otherwise Bugey trails. Come and try this new means of transport very comfortable and easy to grip, ideal to admire the landscape at the same time.

DO-IN workshop

In each season , the energy change in its nature and its manifestations . Also, all living organisms including humans are forced to adapt to these changes. In Do-in through the seasons you will work the meridian directly related to each season and each five elements for a better balance. Do-in means opening channels and promote the movement of energy along the meridians . The flow of energy will be improved and found a positive effect of physical fitness.

Do-in workshops last about 2 hours, and can be programmed with a minimum of 4 people.

Infrared Sauna

The benefits of infrared sauna :

Infrared heat would cause a sweat 3-6 times more than a traditional sauna. With this heavy sweating , the skin breathes better and his blood circulation is improved . Tense muscles , cleaned of toxins, soften . Room temperature , around 40 ° C, is more bearable for people sensitive to very hot weather . The infrared ins are also based on medical research to highlight its effectiveness against skin diseases like eczema , psoriasis , urticaria ...

Snowshoe walk

Depending on snow conditions , we can offer snowshoe walk in different ranges of the region : the Jura,  the Bauges, the  Aravis, for all day or half-day, and also full moon walk. The loan of material is included in the prestation.
Snowshoe training and do-in workshop from 22 to 24 Feb 2019